iCrush Movement helping Patients

iCrush Movement iCrush Movement helping Patients is a combination of walks, 5K’s and patient education seminars. Dr. Harpreet Singh believes in activating the patient.

In today’s heath care Doctors do not have the time to spend with each patient to activate and educate during their medical visit. Through the iCrush movement we are providing educational material so patients can be better informed when they meet with their doctors.

Through the use of acronyms Dr. Singh has built his company on the iCrush Movement helping Patients understand their disease through a checklist. For example iCrush Diabetes: I – Infection, C – Cholesterol, R – Records, U – Urine, S – Sleep Apnea, H – Heart Disease, D – Depression, I – Impotence, A – A1C, B – Blood Pressure, E – Eyes, T – Tingling, E – Ears and S – Stomach.

What inspired Dr. Singh comes from a giving heart. He uses his websites as a portal to his videos and education material to help activate them out of the office. According to his Dr Singh MD website – don’t tell the patient what to do, tell them why to do it.

There are a number ways to contact Dr. Singh.

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