Personal Concierge Services

Personal Concierge Services

Task Pro West MichiganNathan Hickman provides Personal Concierge Services to Ada, Cascade, Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan. Contact Nathan at 231-519-1087.

What is a Concierge?  According to Wikipedia, “The concierge serves guests of an apartment building, hotel, or office building with duties similar to those of a receptionist.” But the service of a Personal Concierge is changing it its duties.  Entrepreneur website states, “A personal concierge service runs on the most basic of premises. People want things done but don’t have the time to do them. But they’re happy to pay someone to take care of their business efficiently and with a touch of class. Why not let that someone be you?”

Nathan Hickman
Nathan Hickman provides Personal Concierge Services to Ada, Cascade, Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan.

We welcome Nathan Hickman to Buy Local Michigan to share his unique Michigan Business. “I am the principal and founder of Task Pro and i am a personal Concierge and Lifestyle management business. Basically I am your personal assistant. You can hire me for a once in a lifetime or everyday personal projects and errand.”

Growing up with the entrepreneurial spirit provided much by his father. Nathan grew up with that spirit and now it is time for him to create his own legacy.

“Take time to be a mother, a father, a grandparent or a corporate executive. Take time to be healthy, secure and focused on what matters most.  Think of us as your own on demand 24 hour personal assistant.  TaskPro can help you with those everyday tasks that keep you from doing the things that matter most to you and your family.  From the once in a lifetime projects and events to the everyday tasks, we can service all your unique needs.”

Personal Concierge Services include but are not limited to grocery shopping, gift buying, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, management of household activities and projects, home organization, assistance with moving (packing/unpacking), home watch services, peace of mind home inspections. Task Pro can check off any and all of those items on your ever growing and time consuming to do list.

Nathan provides his clients with the ultimate luxury and with that they get twenty four hour access.

Personal Concierge Services
Personal Concierge Services provided by Nathan Hickman.

According to Nathan, “The reality is everyone is busy. Work is requiring more and more hours, the kids are very busy at school, they are involved in more and more activities. We are volunteering, we are involved in our church. So where do we take time to just be? That is where Task Pro comes in because it allows people to take time to be, not to do because I can manage their personal projects, errand and tasks anything that does not generate them wealth or give them quality of life or value in their life I can do the mundane tasks for them. I am here to help, Task Pro provides you with Personal Concierge Services.”

For more information visit for Personal Concierge Services around West Michigan or give Nathan a call 231-519-1087.

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