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honest inspections
Whey buying equipment, you see what we see!

Honest Inspections preforms pre-purchase inspections on heavy equipment in the United States and around the world. The goal is to honestly look at the equipment and provide a report before the equipment is purchased.

Companies abroad look at purchasing equipment in the states before shipping back home. The same happens throughout North America when a business on the east coast purchases equipment on the west coast. Honest Inspections checks these out and provides a detailed report along with photos. The buyer knows exactly the shape the equipment is in before making the purchase.

Honest Inspections provides a detail inspection that includes:
The operator station, General Appearance, The engine compartment, Drivetrain, Hydraulic system, Pin and bushing wear, Tires / Undercarriage, Bucket(s) / Blade
Stick length, Track pad width, Grouser height, Turn table bearing play / Gear wear.

Additional fee items:
Oil Samples, Track pin and bushing measurements Track / Carrier roller measurements.

According to customers of Honest Inspections:

Ben, Louisiana USA, “I thank you very much for the inspection on the excavator, I know it took awhile to get everything together, but you did a great job.”

Lewa, South Africa, “Thanks for your honest and professional work.”

Ron, China, “Detailed as usual thanks!”

For more information contact Don at http://honestinspections.com/ OR by calling +1-616-293-5554

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