Doug Kliewer Best selling author

Doug Kliewer Best selling author from Grand Rapids, Michigan shares how to connect with clients from his book Storytelling 2 Success.

The book was written to help business owners tell their story. Doug provides his Hero Maker Blueprint to connect faster and deeper with clients and prospects.

Looking at the blueprint a storytelling is made up of three major items. First we have the characters and we learn who they are and what they are working on achieving. Second, at some point a character is going to experience a problem and third, the hero of the story solves the problem. This is a simple way of breaking down the Hero Maker Blueprint.

Doug Kliewer Best selling authorDoug goes on to share a tip. Who is the best person to share the message of your business? Your clients!

From Doug’s website,, “ONLINE MARKETING 2 SUCCESS is dedicated to helping businesses use Powerful New Online and Mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans.”

According to the Amazon Website “What if you could increase the odds of an expanding clientele while strengthening the bond of your current customers? Would a simple and easy to use blueprint be helpful? Storytelling 2 Success will show you in quick time how the success of your business lie inside your business story right now.”

Doug Kliewer Best selling author is connecting with Businesses in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. He is available to speak locally or nationally to help others better their businesses.

Buy Local Michigan is produced by DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.  Connect with Duane to tell and share your story.

Learn more about the book at Amazon.

Information on Business Strategy.

Grand Rapids is a wonderful city.

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