Be worth more than you cost – Ken Fortier

Be worth more than you costBe worth more than you cost is a statement Ken Fortier makes in his book, seminars and small group training sessions. NetPlus Connections first started with a book, entitled ‘NetPlus Connections’.

Ken hoped for and it came true with his business, it has become its own community. By learning more about each other we can connect and help each other. The fact is – it is all bout helping and being NetPlus means being worth more than you cost to others.

What drives Ken is facilitating the small group training session. One of the three questions he focuses on in his seminars and training is: When you first meet someone for the first time what do we talk about? How is it when we get together can we stand out over all the other conversations that are going on? One way is to be authentic and curious about the other person. The question is: What is something you are trying to accomplish in the next twelve months? This question is not always business, it can be personal and is all the person. Thus, you get to know them a little better.
Ken turned the tables on Buy Local Michigan host Duane Weed, interesting response.

Buy Local Michigan is produced by Duane Weed form DW Video & Multimedia, LLC.

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