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Personal Protection with Todays Weapons is the topic of this segment of Buy Local Michigan. What started out as an extension of his job as a firearm instructor for the sheriffs department turned into much more. Fast forward to 2001 when the law change in Michigan for concealed pistol licensing. At that point the business really took off because the average citizen could buy a handgun and carry it around.
For personal protection with Todays Weapons owner Mark, he states you have to love what you do. For him as a firearms instructor it is not a job but a passion. If through proper training he can be instrumental in the fact one officer goes home because of their training – that is what it is all about.
Now with concealed carry permits it has gone into the private sector as he has now trained several businesses and hundreds of students. Mark believes that shooting is a perishable skill. Decision making is a perishable skill and at Today’s Weapons we offer training for all skill levels. The goal is safety and protection.
One success story from the spring of 2014 is from the Medawar Jewelers owners, all of whom had proper training were able to be safe during a robbery at their store. According to Mark “that was like the Doctor saving their first patient, very satisfying.”
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