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northern physical therapyWest Michigan Physical-Occupational Therapy is provided by Northern Physical Therapy with offices all around Michigan. Including Cedar Springs, Grand Rapids and Coopersville.

According to the Northern Physical Therapy website they state, “Physical Therapy – We Transform Lives. Beginning with your health. your choice and your community.”

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What makes NPT unique?

Northern Physical Therapy is, and always has been, a community based organization. Our six clinics are based in small and medium sized communities, which allow us to serve patients and clients close to home. Each office was strategically placed in a community that had a tight-knit feel – communities where we could get involved both on a personal and professional level. Most of the communities in which we are based do not offer services like ours and because fitness directly correlates with physical therapy, we knew this was a niche that we could fulfill, and achieve with positive results because of our expertise and love for overall health and wellness.
Because fitness goes hand-in-hand with physical therapy, as both are safe and natural ways to promote well-being and overall health, and Gina and Janis both had a genuine interest, they planted the seed which launched the fitness division of Northern Physical Therapy. What started out as a few pool fitness classes has turned into a full-scale program that promotes fitness for all age levels, throughout the entire day.

When a person is struggling with pain you just want to feel better. At Northern Physical Therapy a friendly smile and a caring voice from your therapist goes a long way and you soon begin to feel more comfortable.

physical therapyThe list of services include: Helping those with back pain, shoulder pain, and pelvic pain. Personal training, massage, pool classes, and fitness. Northern Physical Therapy is serving the Cedar Springs, Coopersville, Grand Rapids, Grant, Sparta, and Wayland areas. Truly a West Michigan based business.

Over the last three years, we’ve implemented the following:
-Corporate Wellness Programs
-Fitness classes including yoga, HIIT, running programs, and pool classes
-2 fitness centers which are run, managed, and staffed by Northern Physical Therapy
-Personal Training

For more information go to or call Janis at  269.792.4440.

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