Michigan Made MR Roofing System

Michigan Made MR Roofing System
Thermal Tec was founded by Earl Siterlet in 1987. The brother sister team of Robert Siterlet and Linda Blanchard run the business today.

Thermal Tec develops and installs a Michigan-Made MR Roofing System. The MR Roofing System was designed for commercial and industrial businesses with Thermal-Tec’s customers, mainly in the steel and aluminum alloy industries, where there are high heat and temperatures in corrosive environments that is where they shine.

The MR Thermal-Ply Roofing System does not work for everyone. The roofs are normally above furnaces that run between 1000 and 3000 degrees. This takes a great deal of safety and a quality roofing system so that can manage the long-term heat .

The business was founded by Earl Siterlet around 1987. Is reach was primarily on the east side of the Mississippi, but they had done projects out West and in Canada.

Today, the industry continues to grow and change. With Nanotechnology, Thermal Tec is able to install a photo-metallic dot into the chemicals added to their asphalt so the roof becomes a giant solar collector. A business needs a roof, but when it can generate power on top of that-that can be sent to the grid or back to their plant… it is certainly very exciting technology.

Thermal-Tec is looking for trained and skilled individuals to install the Michigan Made MR Roofing System across the county. Michigan made using Michigan installers and their product is manufactured in the Great Lake State. Thermal Tec is a strong business helping the Michigan economy.

You can learn more about Thermal Tec at http://thermal-tec.com.

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