Cheater Bar Ratchet Helper – Caledonia Michigan

The Cheater Bar Ratchet Helper Tool provides 500 foot pounds Of torque. According to Bob the inventor ‘he has invented the best new tool in years… the Ratchet Helper’.

Ever had to grab a pipe and place it over your ratchet to break loose a nut and bolt? There is now a better answer.  The Cheater Bar Ratchet Helper has a four to one gear reduction tool that fits easilyin your tool box.  Put your socket on and your ratchet or drive tool and now you have a speed wrench. Or flip the whole thing around and here is where the power comes in. That is right, you can break away most any bolt. A kid can break loose a lug nut easily.

Cheater Bar Ratchet HelperGetting an idea of the number of people that can use this, Women buy it for lug nuts, they buy it for their husbands. Men buy it for their hot rods, their four by four and for their garage. The Cheater Bar Ratchet Helper works great in factories, hospitals and just about everywhere. The head is made out of aluminum so it can also be used in a spark free environment where there might be a fire hazard.

You can purchase the Cheater Bar Ratchet Helper from the Caledonia, Michigan business at Cheater Bar Sales dot com, on ebay and on Amazon.

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