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Wilderness Journal host Kyle RandallBuy Local Michigan is proud to have Wilderness Journal host Kyle Randall in our studio. Kyle shares how the Journal show began, who inspired him and his view on the how the show is successful.

Starting with hosting a pilot program for another show, Kyle got his start a year after that show never made it. An executive somewhere saw it and Kyle was dragged backwards into hosting his own show.

We make an outdoor show, we make it outdoors, it is a hunting and fishing show and according to Kyle – we do hunting and fishing.

If you have never met the host in person he is the same on-camera and he is when the lights go dark.  His love for the outdoors and creation is what drives him.

According to Kyle’s website, “With 18 seasons as the #1 top rated All Hunting and Fishing Program and still growing, The Wilderness Journal is truly Reality Television!” Kyle goes on to state, “The Wilderness Journal” is based squarely in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.”

While researching the their Facebook page we came across this quote. “All Out-Door Hunting & Fishing Action, All The Time. “This, is Reality Television!” The Wilderness Journal Family, is truly Blessed. We’re currently in our 15th season atop the ratings, and we’re still making new friends, every day!”

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