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ring cuff jewerly Big Rapids ring-cuffIntroducing the Ring Cuff designed by Mike Malcolm 231-598-0780. Unique jewelry for women that have large knuckles due to a medical condition, surgery or natural causes.

Mike Malcomb is a bench jeweler with over forty years in the jewelry business.  He has a ring line made for women with arthritic knuckles that opens and closes called the Ring Cuff. It is very easy to open with a simple lock. Snaps and locks, patient pending hinge inside and just a fingernail clip and boom and it is back open.

So it is for people that have arthritic problems like you said. Exactly, there is an estimated three to five million women in the United States that have either inflammation, large knuckles or rheumatoid arthritis.

When asked what inspired him to do the ring cuff? his response, “Often have women come in and the rings no longer fit them or I would have to cut them off their hands because they could not get them past the knuckle. So I would have to cut them off and they would ask me what can I do? If I make it so big to fit over the knuckle it is going to just swim around. They do make gold shanks and it takes tools to put them on and off and around seven to eight hundred dollars. People say that’s nice, but I only paid three hundred and fifty for my ring and that and they do not want to spend seven hundred dollars. I have been looking for a product that retails under one hundred dollars and they can wear a ring.

Ring Cuff has found a way to help people.  Mike can do a retro-fit an existing ring or create something new.  Check out their products at  ringcuff.com. Remember to buy and shop locally.

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